My Passion

The road to long term weight loss, fitness and a healthy life is a long and perilous one. The success rate is not very high. Almost everyone who has been overweight has at one point or another tried to lose that extra weight and “get healthy”. Many fail. It’s not their fault, the path is a difficult one, and it’s not always easy to see it, or even to know if you’re on the right one. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen along the way who will try to sell you their magic potion, or their one size fits all solution, which will instantly and effortlessly open the road to weight loss and a healthy life. Those quick fixes might work for a little while, but usually not, and even if they do work for a bit, they never last. Most eventually find themselves going back down the path of sickness and despair and they just don’t see any other way. They’re lost, desperate and depressed. They find that at some point they’ve given up and have accepted their fate. They see no other way.

My strength, my Passion, and what I have to offer you, is this: I’ve been down that road. I’ve listened to the snake oil salesmen. I’ve tried on their one size fits all solution. I’ve tried their various lotions and potions. None of them worked for very long. I was depressed. I was angry, at myself, at the world. I was no longer even on a road, not towards health nor towards sickness. I was in a deep, deep hole for which I saw no way out. But I somehow did it. I not only got out of that hole but I found the path back to a healthy, fit life. Not only did I find the path of wellness, but I found out that health, fitness and wellness are in fact my passion.


I have spent the last years studying what it means to be healthy. I’ve been certified as a Health Coach and a strength and conditioning specialist. I have spent countless hours learning about nutrition and the human body; the wonders of myofascial self relief and how you can maintain your body in proper working condition. Most of all, I’ve learned that I love to help others find the same joy I have found in living a healthy life.  When you’ve reached the point where you no longer believe in quick fixes, when you no longer believe you can get yourself back to your ideal weight and enjoy the benefits of being fit and healthy, call me.  We’ll talk.  We’ll explore.  Together, we’ll get you back on that road to a healthy, fulfilling life.

Health, Fitness and Wellness.  A lifelong journey down a path that has no final destination.